Regula Scherrer

Regula Scherrer, registered nurse, lived in Australia for 18 years and taught Bowen Therapy for over a decade. This is how she met Ross Emmett.

Regula learned numerous forms of therapy including foot reflexology, Shiatsu, Lymphatic drainage, Massage, Bowen Theray and the Emmett Technique. The native Swiss likes to pass on her experiences to her students in her seminars, with great skill she conveys the important practical experience in her courses.

Regula speaks fluent German, English, Italian and French and was appointed by Ross Emmett as a lecturer for the Emmett Technique, EMM-Tech and TBT101 (Tom Bowen Therapy) for Switzerland, Austria, England, Hollant, France and Italy.

“After getting to know Ross Emmett as a therapist, colleague and teacher during my long stay in Australia, I am now back in my home region. The feedback that I have received as an Emmett Practitioner in my practice is fulfilling and movitvates me to pass on the Emmett Technique in Europe and to inspire prospective users through the simple application and integration with simplicity and efficiency. I am already looking forward to accompanying you on this journey..”

  • Regula Scherrer 
    :: Advisory Member

Ross Emmett and the Emmett Technique Board of Management are pleased to introduce International Advisory Board Member Regula

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