Regina Senger

Working at EMMETT HQ with Ross Emmett, over the last seven years Regina has managed the HQ growth and international expansion of the Technique. She has assisted Ross in developing new systems, policies and branding developments, including websites, social media, and online training resources.

Regina has extensive experience in general operational and business development and has worked within multi-faceted, fast paced environments in varied workplaces, such as corporate and onsite workplaces comprising of commercial and retail construction & management through to mining and heavy industry.

Regina values the opportunity to build and grow relations with a broad range of people from diverse backgrounds and industries. She is proactive and team focused and welcomes the opportunity to support students, practitioners and instructors as they learn and expand their EMMETT skills and careers.

  • Regina Senger 

Ross Emmett and the Emmett Technique
Board of Management are pleased to introduce Management Board Member Regina Senger

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