Judith van Bebber

Judith was born and raised in the Netherlands and has been an animal lover since she was very young; owning dogs and horses and observing their behaviour and movements. Judith is a senior animal instructor and teaches in Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and France.

Judith's interest in natural therapies started when one of her dogs, a Jack Russell, got hurt and had a spinal cord injury. She learnt various techniques to help him heal, and after a few days he could stand again. That was a miracle according to the surgeon. Ever since then, Judith continued to learn and was fascinated about muscles and anatomy. 

Judith was introduced to the Emmett Technique and experienced great results with her dogs, horses and her family.  From there she started learning the technique for herself and has enjoyed the training so much that she became an instructor to share and teach others how they can help their own animals.  

  • Judith van Bebber 
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Ross Emmett and the Emmett Technique
Board of Management are pleased to introduce International Advisory Board Member Judith.

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