Ozana Pope-Gajić

Ozana Pope-Gajić, Physiotherapist, gained her experience during ten-year work at the Clinical Hospital Osijek, and extended it with teaching at Medical School Osijek in Croatia where she lives.
From 2003. she is the owner of a Physiotherapy Practice.

Ergovita specialized in musculoskeletal problems. Working in Ergovita Ozana recognized the need for a more complete approach and Bowen technique has been integrated at 2010, as a method that enables holistic treatment. In collaboration with her mentor Anneke Loode Ozana found out about EMMETT Technique in 2013. and she was immediately impressed with faster results in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

Ozana completed training and learned from many wonderful instructors and is very proud that all advanced learning came from founder of the Technique Ross Emmett. Driven by great results and fantastic feedback from her patients Ozana decided to spread the word about this quick, gentle and powerful technique to her colleagues’ physiotherapists and other medical practitioners in Croatia.

Ozana became Representative of the EMMETT organization in Croatia and an EMMETT Senior instructor who is devoted to sharing her experience and love for the amazing work of Ross Emmett. She is very grateful for this opportunity.

Her vision is to engage in training and education, with independent work with patients, which gives her a confirmation of what she is learning and transferring to others. As a team leader for her team members Ozana emphasizes importance of excellence in providing service (both in work with patients and in education) which ensures progress and growth of the EMMETT Technique in Croatia and surrounding countries. Her special professional interest is as a therapist in women health, musculoskeletal injuries/problems and creating balance in mental and physical health for people in stress. She has great passion for animals and become happy when she was able to bring EMMETT4Animals courses in Croatia. Being an Advisory Member is next challenge for Ozana and she is looking forward to participating in new tasks and goals with the EMMETT Technique International Federation.

Ozana possesses an MS in nursing, a BS in Physiotherapy and she acquired competences in Pedagogical-Psychological Education. She intensively improves her knowledge and skills with world-renowned experts and is delivering Bowen and Emmett courses in Croatia and surrounding countries. She is the author of a textbook, Movement therapy “.

  • Ozana Pope-Gajić 
    :: Advisory Member

Ross Emmett and the Emmett Technique
Board of Management are pleased to introduce International Advisory Board Member Ozana.

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