Tony Sherry

I was a Registered General Nurse for twenty-seven years working in one of the country’s most prestigious hospitals. Twenty-four years were working in Adult Intensive Care where I worked as a highly trained specialist nurse with the most severely ill patients with lots of complex needs. While caring for the severely ill patients I saw that complementary therapy had a place and indeed played an important role in the recovery of some patients.

A nursing colleague who is also a reflexologist was at times able to diagnose a patient’s condition before the some of the medical staff. This made me realize that there is far more to healthcare than just traditional medicine. In 2010 a riding accident left me with a broken back, and I spent many months unable to walk straight and I was in constant pain day and night. My GP gave me lots of painkillers and I had physiotherapy with limited success. I was advised that due to my age and the type of injury sustained I was going to have to live with the pain and its restrictions for the rest of my life. In my opinion traditional medicine had taken me so far but had failed to return me to full health. This led me to investigate what complementary therapies could offer as an alternative to improve the quality of my life.

My first step was acupuncture and to my delight within 20 minutes of my first treatment I was standing straighter and the pain was almost gone. At this time in my life I realized that complementary therapy was my future. So, the hunt began for a therapy that I could see myself doing. The hunt continued until I encountered the work of Ross Emmett and the EMMETT Technique. This therapy grabbed both my attention and imagination and almost sounded too good to be true.

My nursing background demanded that I needed to know more and find out if this technique really worked. Whilst doing my research into its effectiveness I came across the EMMETT technique being used on horses. This offered me the opportunity to test the therapy without the placebo effect which can distort both conventional and alternative treatment results in people. After about 30 minutes of seeing the first horse treated my jaw hit the floor as I could not believe my eyes at how fast and effective this technique was. I spent the next two days in complete astonishment and then signed up to learn the technique on people and that is where my journey began with the EMMETT Technique.

I have now trained in the Emmett Technique to the highest level in treating people (EP6) and have had some truly amazing results and a common statement from clients is “why did I not find you before”. I am also an Emm-Tech tutor and have great fun sharing this incredible technique with people from all sorts for walks of life.

Since qualifying in the technique on horses I have successfully treated a whole range of horses from happy hackers to top competition horses and so much in between. It’s amazing and so satisfying to see the look on the owners face when they see the reaction of their horse when they relax, some even seem to go into a trance as if they are having a spa treatment.

My amazing Emmett journey continues now I’m a Senior instructor teaching the technique on horses and dog as wells the Representative for Ross Emmett for Animal training for the UK and Ireland. To be one of a few people in the World teaching this is such an honor and privilege and I am really enjoying the journey my life is taking. To be able to teach people how to use this technique and to see the success they have in helping animals is so rewarding. My vision is to be able to treat both horse and rider so they work together in a symbiotic way so they are both happy in whatever they do. Additionally, I would also like to work with people with all sorts of problems from pain relief to greater flexibility helping them to achieve their own personal goals.

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