Sue Gassick

Born in Melbourne Australia, relocated to the UK in 2004. Science degree, retail management, then cycled back to biology studies because human health is way more important and interesting than selling products in a department store! Complementary therapist and instructor for over 20 years, including massage, Bowen therapy and kinesiology prior to learning and subsequently teaching the EMMETT Technique in 2007.

Currently director of EMMETT Therapies in the UK & Ireland and Senior Instructor of all EMMETT modules and advanced levels, including the training of the UK instructor / tutor team. It is such a privilege for me to be in the position to share the EMMETT Technique with so many therapists, to watch their amazement (and bewilderment!) on how quickly the technique impacts the body, to watch how they develop as therapists in self-confidence and in many cases, watch how they fall back in love with being therapists and helping clients. The speed at which the EMMETT Technique has spread around the globe is of no surprise to me!

The International Advisory Board will bring together the passionate leaders of the technique from all regions of the world and together we will act as the caretakers to ensure consistency: protecting the brand, heritage, accuracy, integrity, and understanding that is contained within the EMMETT Technique training courses. Loves travelling with her husband and exploring new foods, culture, history and architecture. Enjoys gardening and creating a healing environment when at home. Craves information about human wellbeing and listens daily to health podcasts and summits to "joining the dots" for a deeper understanding of how all our human systems intertwine and where of course the EMMETT Technique fits in!

  • Sue Gassick 
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Ross Emmett and the Emmett Technique
Board of Management are pleased to introduce International Advisory Board Member Sue Gassick.

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